Topic: Section 8.0 The First Nuclear Weapons

8.1.1 The Design of Gadget, Fat Man, and 'Joe 1' (RDS-1) The design of the Gadget and Fat Man devices are discussed together since they are basically the same.Gadget was an experimental test version of the implosion system used in Fat Man and were identical in all but a couple of details. A test of the implosion bomb was considered essential due to the newness of the explosive wave shaping.

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Petting - What is Involved and What are the Risks Petting. Defined: More often referred to as 'Making Out' or 'Rounding The Bases' (you know, getting to First Base, Second Base, Third Base...), and sometimes called 'Heavy Petting'.

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Machine Made Dating - Society for Historical Archaeology Note: There are a few machine-made bottle types (milk, shoe polish and small ink bottles) or post-production processes (fire polishing) which exhibit mold seams in the finish/upper neck that deviate from the descriptions in points #1 and/or #3 above; these bottles may appear to be of mouth-blown manufacture.

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Texts to send after a first date - When the first date is good but you don't want to dive right in or appear overly interested because you are easing back into dating, or because you aren't looking for something too serious yet, Procida recommends suggesting an afternoon meet up for the second date and for very specific reasons.

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Hi. Author well done!

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Baseball metaphors for sex - Wikipedia Among American adolescents, baseball metaphors for sex are often used as euphemisms for the degree of physical intimacy achieved in sexual encounters or relationships. In the metaphor, first prevalent in the aftermath of World War II, sexual activities are described as if they are actions in a game of baseball.

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Yoshkar-Ola. Republic Mari-El, Russia: Online dating scams Yoshkar-Ola is a famous 'dating scams' area. It is a small city with no jobs available. According to our information, there are many scam groups in Yoshkar-Ola that are using photos of young women and write letters to men pretending to be 'a Russian woman seeking for a husband'.

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Jon Lester can't throw the ball to first base and it's. Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images . SEE ALSO: Jon Lester can't throw the ball to first base, and it nearly cost the Cubs big time in Game 7 The Chicago Cubs have a $155 million problem.

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Hurricanes in History - National Hurricane Center Please note that the following list is not exhaustive and does not include every notable storm in history. GALVESTON 1900; ATLANTIC-GULF 1919; MIAMI 1926; SAN FELIPE-OKEECHOBEE 1928; FLORIDA KEYS LABOR DAY 1935; NEW ENGLAND 1938; GREAT ATLANTIC 1944; CAROL AND EDNA 1954; HAZEL 1954; CONNIE AND DIANE 1955; AUDREY 1957; DONNA 1960; CAMILLE 1969; AGNES 1972.

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Second - Wikipedia The second is the SI base unit of time, commonly understood and historically defined as 1 ⁄ 86400 of a day – this factor derived from the division of the day first into 24 hours, then to 60 minutes and finally to 60 seconds each. Another intuitive understanding is that it is about the time between beats of a human heart. Mechanical and electric clocks and watches usually have a face with.

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Twitpic Dear Twitpic Community - thank you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years. We have now placed Twitpic in an archived state.